Dr. Chuck Reynerson's Online CV

Engineering, Computer Science, and Project Management

Job Summary

Webster University                    MAR 02 – MAY 04

Adjunct Professor:

*        Instructor for Space Bioastronautics course – a hands-on systems engineering course for designing space systems supporting humans. 

*    Also has taught a course in Space Communications.

Contact Info:



Masters of Engineering in Embedded Systems, Arizona State University, In Progress.

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering, Astronautics concentration, George Washington University, 1998. 

Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Naval Engineer (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Bachelor of Science, Naval Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1987.