Dr. Chuck Reynerson's Online CV

Engineering, Computer Science, and Project Management

Job Summary

United States Navy                                                                                     JUN 87-DEC 98

Engineering Duty Officer :

*        Three year educational tour at MIT.  First person in MIT's history to earn dual Engineers level degrees simultaneously.

*    Engineering Duty (ED) Officers are the technical and business leaders of the Navy. We are a unique cadre (~800) of highly motivated Naval officers with a broad continuum of operational (fleet) experience and engineering expertise. EDs develop ships and integrated warfare systems to meet the needs of our deployed Navy and Marine forces. We lead the integration of research and development, design, acquisition, construction, maintenance, modernization, and life cycle management.

*    The EDO Community is involved with the design, acquisition, construction, repair, maintenance, conversion, overhaul and disposal of ships, submarines, aircraft carriers and the systems on those platforms (weapons, command and control, communications, computers, etc).  Supporting the CNO's 21st Century Seapower across these platforms, EDO career paths function to help meet the missions.


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Masters of Engineering in Embedded Systems, Arizona State University, In Progress.

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering, Astronautics concentration, George Washington University, 1998. 

Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Naval Engineer (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Bachelor of Science, Naval Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1987.