Dr. Chuck Reynerson's Online CV

Engineering, Computer Science, and Project Management

Job Summary

The Boeing Company, Integrated Defense Systems                                            JUL 01 – NOV 10

Principal Software and Simulation Engineer

Has subject matter expertise in software development, testing, & validation, modeling and simulation, spacecraft subsystem design & analysis, and systems engineering.

Computing, Data Processing, Telemetry and Embedded Systems:

*        As an operational analyst for military satellites monitored, analyzed, and maintained the Data Processing Subsystem/Onboard Computing System performance, including flight software, ground software, and TT&C, for an operational space system. 

*        Developed a software tool using Matlab GUI script to better visualize telemetry data from arbitrary file formats.

*        Developed a software tool using Python that takes a preformatted vehicle telemetry data file and parses it by date, time, data value, and/or telemetry command value.

*        Developed a software tool to automatically extract specific telemetry commands from a single or a set of files that included a large number of telemetry commands. 

*        Created a real time embedded system using an 8051 microprocessor to determine pressure, temperature, and attitude data.  Performed all design, assembly, and testing of hardware with software coded using micro-C and assembly language.

Astrodynamics and Trajectory Software:

*        Developed unique software tools for spacecraft trajectory analysis including launch, orbital states, and reentry.  Conducted reentry trajectory analysis for the Columbia accident investigation. 

*        Developed an orbital integrator software to determine the impact of perturbations on orbital trajectories (Python coded).

*        Developed unique spacecraft drag modeling software tools using 3-Dimensional models (in Python) and rarefied gas simulations using Direct Simulated Monte Carlo (DSMC) methods. 

*        Developed a unique Reentry Trajectory Tool, which accounts for the spinning of objects during reentry (Python coded). 

*        Developed software used for automated spacecraft stationkeeping using Python and PC Trace. 

GNC & Attitude Control Software:

*        Developed a 3-dimensional tool for visualizing spacecraft and estimating the effective aerodynamic force and torque on complex vehicles (Python coded).

*        Developed methods and tool for mapping the effective aerodynamic force and torque on space objects by orientation attitude in 3-dimensions (Python coded).

*        Developed an Attitude Integrator program called ATTINT to examine the dynamics of vehicles given an arbitrary force and torque input (Python coded). 

*        Invented a method for determining the space vehicle center of gravity by conducting a series of small thruster maneuvers and using sensor inputs from reaction wheels.

*        Boeing Invention Award for patent submission entitled: “Finding Indeterminate Angle of Satellite Solar Arrays using Sun Sensors and Magnetometers”, 2004.


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Masters of Engineering in Embedded Systems, Arizona State University, In Progress.

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering, Astronautics concentration, George Washington University, 1998. 

Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Naval Engineer (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Bachelor of Science, Naval Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1987.