Dr. Chuck Reynerson's Online CV

Engineering, Computer Science, and Project Management

Job Summary

The Boeing Company, Integrated Defense Systems                                            JUL 01 – NOV 10

GNC & Attitude Control Engineer


*        Boeing Invention Award for patent submission entitled: “Finding Indeterminate Angle of Satellite Solar Arrays using Sun Sensors and Magnetometers”, 2004.

*        For a classified space asset, developed a design for an Onboard Maneuvering and Propulsion System, including orbital analysis and optimization.

*        Developed a 3-dimensional tool for visualizing spacecraft and estimating the effective aerodynamic force and torque on complex vehicles.

*        Developed methods for mapping the effective aerodynamic force and torque on space objects by orientation attitude in 3-dimensions.

*        Invented a method to determine the minimum and maximum drag attitude profiles for objects in space or nearing reentry conditions.

*        Developed an Attitude Integrator program to examine the dynamics of vehicles given an arbitrary force and torque input. 

*        Developed a method to determine the effective solar thermal input on a spacecraft given an arbitrary attitude profile. 

*        Conducted vehicle attitude profile verification by comparing commanded attitude profiles to attitude quaternion telemetry data.

*        Invented a method for determining the space vehicle center of gravity by conducting a series of small thruster maneuvers and using sensor inputs from reaction wheels.


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Masters of Engineering in Embedded Systems, Arizona State University, In Progress.

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering, Astronautics concentration, George Washington University, 1998. 

Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Naval Engineer (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Bachelor of Science, Naval Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1987.