Dr. Chuck Reynerson's Online CV

Engineering, Computer Science, and Project Management

Job Summary

The Boeing Company, Integrated Defense Systems                                            JUL 01 – NOV 10

Astrodynamics & Propulsion Engineer


Astrodynamics and Trajectories:

*        Performed Mars Entry Descent and Landing Analysis for future missions.

*        Conducted reentry trajectory analysis for the Columbia accident investigation. 

*        Develops unique modeling & simulation tools for spacecraft trajectory analysis including launch, orbital states, and reentry. 

*        Developed an orbital integrator to determine the impact of perturbations on orbital trajectories.

*        Performed contingency analysis for deorbiting a spacecraft in the presence of multiple failures. 

*        Developed unique spacecraft drag modeling & simulation tools using 3-Dimensional models and rarefied gas simulations using Direct Simulated Monte Carlo (DSMC) methods. 

*        Developed a unique methodology for evaluating the envelope for debris expected for a reentering spacecraft. During this effort a Reentry Trajectory Tool was created that accounts for the spinning of objects during reentry. 


Maneuvering, Stationkeeping, and Propulsion:

*        Developed a method for automated spacecraft stationkeeping using Python and PC Trace. 

*        Made an assessment on the Orbital Impact of Lift on a spacecraft given an attitude slew profile.

*        Evaluated the possibility for an upper stage to collide with a spacecraft after separation had occurred. 

Contact Info:



Masters of Engineering in Embedded Systems, Arizona State University, In Progress.

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering, Astronautics concentration, George Washington University, 1998. 

Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Naval Engineer (2.5 M.S. equivalent), MIT, 1993.

Bachelor of Science, Naval Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1987.