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Dr. Reynerson has most recently been a Senior Principal Space Systems Engineer at DigitalGlobe supporting space system development work including development of the GeoEye-2 spacecraft. 

He currently serves as a Judge on an International Panel for the XPrize Foundation to evaluate the results for the Google Lunar XPrize.

He also develops courses and a certificate program for the new online university, Oplerno.  Courses include: Orbital Mechanics and Introduction Space Systems.

As a Principal Systems Engineer at Ciber, Inc. from 2010 thru 2011 he supported the first launch of the SBIRS GEO spacecraft. 

In 2010, he was an Associate Technical Fellow at the Boeing Company,  He has performed work to monitor, analyze, and maintain Data Processing Subsystem/Onboard Computing System performance.  He has developed and maintained processes, procedures, algorithms, and tools for modifying operational requirements, safing, anomaly recoveries, and performance improvements. He has worked on the design of an Onboard Maneuvering and Propulsion System, including orbital analysis and aerodynamic force modeling.  He created debris reentry trajectory estimates for the Columbia accident investigation.  He has been involved with system designs and modeling for NASA’s future Space Exploration Systems. 

He also has taught part-time graduate courses at Webster University in Space Communications and Space Bioastronautics from 2002 to 2004.

At Ball Aerospace Dr. Reynerson led the development of a Rapid Design Center for space systems.  This center allows for rapid development of concept designs in a fraction of the time it takes traditional design teams to complete the same problem.  He tested the system on several space system designs including an autonomous microsatellite designed for satellite inspection and rendezvous, DARPA's Orbital Express (satellite servicing demo) program and the AFRL Techsat 21 radar satellite constellation program.   He acted as the Ball Chief Engineer for the Orbital Express Program. He also ran a Ball Incubator project to develop a microsatellite design.

Dr. Reynerson has extensive experience in the development of space systems with NASA where he was the Assistant Deputy for Space Shuttle Integration and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Liaison for Space Technology Programs. He was a Project Manager and Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative at the National Reconnaissance Office developing space systems technology and architectures. 

He was an Engineering Duty Officer in the US Navy also qualified in submarines. Dr. Reynerson is also a licensed private pilot


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